Friday, 8 May 2015

Welcome Sebastian!

Hello crafters!

As previously mentioned a gorgeous little boy has been brought into the world, his name is Sebastian and now these have been received,  you can see what I made! 

Sebastian has a sister called Ayla. Mum and Dad are doing a great job at teaching her to understand that everyone is equal. Ayla plays with cars as well as dolls, wears blue as well as pink.With this in mind I wanted to make sure that my pictures were not stereotypically pink for a girl and blue for a boy. So I mixed up all colours on both pictures. 
(Although I couldn't resist some flowers as I do love them so much!)

So here is the picture I made for Sebastian:

And here is the one for his big sis!

And here is both of them together:

This is what I used:

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

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